Tunnel formworkMaximum efficiency

Efficiency and quality are keywords in the world of construction. That is why we offer a complete package of tunnel formwork for your projects. Our 5-mm skin sheet guarantees a sleek appearance. This allows you to create a fantastic result with few man hours per m2. This combination of efficiency and quality means Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek’s system is suitable for all sorts of projects. We do of course supply all formwork with the inclusion of scaffolding and safety provisions that comply with the statutory standards. Cavity skin formwork is also available.

Our teams of qualified and experienced members of staff guarantee expert assembly and disassembly on the construction site. Our labour-friendly and safe tunnel formwork is unique: it can be converted and modularly linked quickly. Numerous clients now only use our tunnel formwork for their projects. Some of them can be viewed below.

Piekstraat, Rotterdam

Heijmans Utilitaire Woningbouw Rotterdam

Intensive collaboration leads to an ingenious solution for the construction of the Piekstraat residential tower Balanced mix of tunnel formwork, structural scaffolding, facade scaffolding and structural bulkhead