Kwintijn - De Hallen Zuid

Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek supplied the wall formwork for the Kwintijn project in Amsterdam. This formwork was used to build a 2-floor underground car park. Challenges included the bracing frame in the basement and the adjoining premises.
This created a space of approximately 600 mm between the sheetpile wall and the concrete wall to be poured.

The basement has been completed and work will now commence on the superstructure. Three blocks will be built on top of the basement. Two will be built with the use of the steel wall formwork. The shell of one building will be constructed with tunnel formwork.

Our field staff constructed the wall formwork last week.
The wall formwork, which is used in the basement, is initially raised with 600-mm puncheons. It is composed in such a way that Stado Betonbouw can use it to pour the walls of the ground floor.

In four weeks’ time, we will again convert the formwork again and prepare it for the walls on the upper floors. The tunnel formwork can then also be delivered.

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