Hendriks spreads its wings to the global tunnel formwork marketKnowledge sharing as the driving force behind internationalisation

Strengthening and enhancing Hendriks Stalen Bekistingtechniek’s international market position through knowledge sharing, linking parties and constantly innovating. In short, that is the ambition and objective of Chris van Ree, the company’s Export Manager. Together with his team he is the driving force behind the company’s further internationalisation. An interview with an enthusiastic man with a mission.

Business know-how
We meet Chris at the head office of Hendriks Stalen Bekistingtechniek (HSB) in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. An extremely solid team works here day in, day out on solutions designed to make concrete construction faster, better and cheaper. The focus is increasingly shifting to the international market in this regard. In the final analysis, construction, and concrete construction in particular, is booming throughout the world and Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek’s products offer an interesting solution to facilitate this growth.

A team of formwork specialists will be realising this growth with Chris as Export Manager. He has been active in the concrete construction sector throughout his career and has had an interesting and versatile career. As a result he has been exposed to all facets of concrete construction: from the production of steel formwork, via on-site assembly through to engineering and sales. Anyone doing business with Chris is therefore assured of a partner with business know-how; a partner who is able to contribute ideas and engage in meaningful discussions at all levels. This not only applies to foreign parties – to which he devotes 80% of his time – it also applies to the Dutch market. Here too, Chris, as Key Account Manager, will remain actively involved in capturing market share.

The art of networking
Together with the international team, Chris is living proof of Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek’s growth ambition. An ambition that combines a high level of knowledge with the will of working together and linking parties. Is this a realistic ambition? Chris van Ree: “Absolutely. The international concrete construction world increasingly revolves around co-makership. Joint initiatives in which all required disciplines and technologies come together – ranging from designer to pouring crew and from crane to concrete technology.”

Chris continues: “The biggest challenge is to combine these parties and technologies into a powerful whole. A joint initiative that delivers more than the sum of its individual parts. Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek perfectly understands the art of linking parties together. We bring international expertise and local know-how together. I firmly believe that such co-makerships constitute an important driving force for continuous improvement.”

Steel tunnel formwork is conquering the global market
A key element of Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek’s product offering is the steel tunnel formwork; a system that has amply proven itself in previous projects. When we ask him about new developments, Chris answers: “Given our international growth plans we specifically focus on foreign markets and we have started to create international teams that guide foreign clients from our first acquaintance to ultimate realisation. We not only cultivate the market from our head office in Veenendaal, in the Netherlands, we also actively work with a network of international agents and partners.”

HSB has an attractive product offering for these partners: a tunnel formwork system that has proven itself, day in, day out, for 30 years. The formwork system was developed, fine-tuned and perfected over a period of three decades. New innovations were constantly added to the concept. As a result we are now offering a comprehensive and robust concept attuned to the local user and construction methods. The formwork is supplied in two versions: the Classic Full Tunnel or the Future Half Tunnel. ‘Made in Holland’, and therefore distinctive in design and quality.

Engineering as driving force
In the meantime, a large number of foreign parties is already benefiting from this concept. “We have already booked key contracts with ongoing projects in various countries, including Russia, Argentina and Morocco. In addition, we are very active in Poland, the Ivory Coast, Algeria and India,” says Chris. “This encourages us to continue to grow. We want to achieve that by means of organic growth through the network of partners and co-makers. Our strength here is the engineering. Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek is a frontrunner in its ability to develop solutions for complex situations.”

Chris continues: “The formwork is designed completely custom-made in accordance with the client’s requirements.
We always create tunnels that fit like a glove for any application, such as public housing, hotels or any other form of poured concrete construction. If desired, the tunnel is delivered as a ready-made solution, including transport and a concrete heating and curing control system.” This custom-made approach forms the basis for growth; growth that makes Hendriks even more competitive on the global market and provides even greater strength for further capturing the domestic market.

Interested in Hendrik Stalen Bekistingtechniek’s international growth plans or would you like to see how our expertise and experience match your current plans? An initial acquaintance is the fastest step towards a successful project. Our team is ready to assist you.

Chris van Ree, Export Manager
Hendriks Stalen Bekistingtechniek
T. +31 (0)318 566 466

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