Flatness standard Hendriks

There is some confusion about the flatness standard of concrete work. What is the standard?
How is it classified? And what standard can be achieved with Hendriks’ formwork?

NEN 6722:202 Concrete Execution Regulations (VBU 2002) states 3 assessment categories for the concrete surface: A, B and C.

  • Category A: Standard requirements that are usually not subject to high aesthetic requirements
  • Category B: Special requirements attached to the concrete surface (they are not specified any further in the NEN)
  • Category C: No requirements attached to the appearance of the concrete.

In addition to the NEN 6722, there is also the CUR-100 recommendation. The CUR-100 offers guidelines for the specification of a preferred appearance for clean concrete, both poured in situ and prefabricated. The CUR-100 recommendation divides category B of the VBU 2002 into category B1 and B2. Category B1 is for concrete poured in situ, category B2 applies to prefab concrete. The formwork of Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek complies with the VSGB B-standard, which is equal to CUR-100 recommendation category B1. If you require more information, or if you want to find out what this standards means, please contact Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek.

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