Adapt® formwork

Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek has a new method for constructing shuttering:  Adapt®. The name Adapt® is derived from adaptive ability. The adaptive abilities of a species in nature determine to what extent it can adapt. The better a species can adapt, the higher the chances of survival. The adaptive ability is the critical success factor for the future.

With Adapt® formwork of Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek, the customer is presented with steel wall formwork as panel formwork. The customer is free to compose the formwork, and Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek also offers options for supply, removal, assembly and engineering. This combines the best of both worlds in a single product.
In cooperation with Van Muijen betonbouw, we executed a first project with the steel Adapt® formwork of Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek. For this project, Brede Hoed in Amstelveen, Van Muijen betonbouw chose a complete package of options. Van Muijen Betonbouw feels that project security, savings on man hours and the need for innovation are the success factors for the future.

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