Future formworkThe ultimate solution for small-scale residential building projects

The allegation that in situ concrete building is not suitable for small-scale residential building projects is now a thing of the past. Experience the advantages of this new tunnel formwork, which amply meets the strict requirements in terms of flexibility. At the same time, it reduces your crane and transport costs and a short preparation time no longer is an issue.

Our new tunnel formwork anticipates growing market demand for in situ concrete building to be operationally and financially viable for small-scale projects. As a prominent formwork specialist with decades of experience, we designed and realised this new, user-friendly and low-cost formwork under our own management.

The characteristics:

  • Sustainable solution
  • Highly flexible, in terms of both length and width
  • Short preparation time
  • No need for heavy cranes
  • Lower transport costs
  • Complete engineering and execution

The use of our Revit system enables us to implement customer-specific wishes up to the last moment. By using special covering panels you can simply alternate between various widths for each tunnel.

You can either buy or hire this new steel tunnel formwork. All safety provisions are of course included.